Tungsten (formerly Kofax) TotalAgility

Intelligent process automation for digital workflow transformation.

A single platform for enterprise automation

TotalAgility is an integrated platform for automating content-intensive workflows, bringing together low-code process design and AI-driven intelligent document processing – plus integration with Tungsten RPA for task automation.

Multiple deployment options allow you to choose what works best for your organization, ranging from the Tungsten public cloud to your preferred cloud service.

Tungsten TotalAgility Benefits

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Maximize workforce capacity

  • Deploy your human teams in high-value workflows and an automated team of fast, efficient RPA bots on repetitive tasks
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Accelerate customer journeys

  • Create more personalized experiences, reduce customer response times and streamline customer management workflows
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Unlock data and drive productivity

  • Release data from any incoming document with powerful AI, eliminate manual data extraction or transfer, and compete more tasks in less time with fewer errors

Tungsten TotalAgility Features

Document Intelligence

  • Leverage embedded AI and cognitive services for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and data mining of structured and unstructured data.

kofax total agility with email display on desktop screen
Document Intelligence

Low-code process orchestration

  • Build, deploy and manage streamlined workflows and RPA bots for better compliance, decision-making, task execution and ad-hoc activity.

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Process Orchestration

Connected Systems

  • Connect to critical systems without coding and integrate with one click. Integrate workflows with third-party technologies to do more.

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Connected Systems

Tungsten Intelligent Automation

AP Agility

Transform accounts payable processes with streamlined automation and real-time insights.


Automate labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding.


Effortlessly capture, classify, and extract critical data from documents while enhancing productivity.


Tungsten TotalAgility is a powerful platform designed to streamline and automate digital workflows, offering intelligent process automation for enterprise operations.

Key features of Tungsten TotalAgility encompass process orchestration, document capture and management, data extraction, system integration, robust analytics, and mobile functionality, enabling comprehensive workflow optimization.

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