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Improve patient care and provider efficiency with patient-centric healthcare services powered by intelligent automation.

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Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

To meet rising demand for patient services and soaring provider costs, healthcare processes must become more efficient and effective. Intelligent automation delivers better healthcare services by streamlining care pathways, improving the patient and provider experience, and eliminating costs of patient administration, billing, and supply chain management.

Empower your people across departments with intelligent automation that enables the efficient provision of better care.

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Simplify patient care pathways

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Increase availability of information

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Streamline administrative processes

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Eliminate cost of paper-based processing

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Accelerate healthcare workflows

Customer Success

Lithe delivers successful digital transformation by expertly applying intelligent automation to eliminate costs of administration, improve operational efficiency and streamline workflows.

Your success matters to us. Share your challenges and goals with us and allow our experts to help you automate effectively.

Case Study

Digital Mailroom

BPO adds digital mailroom as 1,000’s switch from paper

Global Insurer

Case Study

Remote Working

Global insurer arms remote workforce in 1 week with digital mail

Intelligent Automation and digital healthcare services

Lithe applies AI-driven technologies to the digital transformation of healthcare services for patient—and provider-side organizations. Our intelligent automation solutions accelerate the processing of incoming documents and digitize workflows across the patient-service lifecycle.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Automate the intake and understanding of documents from any source

Business Process Automation

Digitize, standardize and streamline rule-based workflows

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Case Management

Efficiently gather incoming documents and productively engage case workers

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Digital Mailroom

Apply AI to accelerate the distribution and processing of incoming documents


Intelligent automation reduces administrative burdens, improves operational efficiency and streamlines provider processes. In revenue cycle management, claims processing, billing and coding, supply chain management, and workflow optimization, intelligent automation removes time and effort to improve productivity and reduce cost.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is an intelligent automation technology that removes paper flow at the point of arrival of documents into an organization. Utilizing scanners and AI-powered software, IDP recognizes documents by type (e.g claim form) and extracts key data (e.g. claimant name) without human intervention. The original paper can be stored or shredded at the point of receipt. The document and its data are instantly available to any business process that requires them.



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