Case Management

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of legal, customer service, claim, complaint, and other teams by supporting case work with flexible automation.

What is Case Management?

Case Management is a type of work commonly found in legal, customer service, claim, social services, complaint, and other teams.

People in those teams work in processes which do not follow an entirely pre-designed workflow. The work to be done can vary case by case. Frequently work is triggered by the arrival of relevant documents. And often documents arrive over an extended period and need to be collected and processed together in a case file.

Case management automation is a solution that supports this type of work. It orchestrates people and systems in efficient end-to-end case workflows that achieve business objectives and efficiently handle the flow and processing of incoming documents.

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Lithe Expertise in Case Management

Lithe professional services team has deep project experience in implementation of case management solutions. From initial requirements analysis to case system design, to implementation, testing and deployment, customers trust our expert team members to deliver high quality solutions that meet unique case management requirements.

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Document Intake

Gather and digitize incoming case documents in digital case folders

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Process Design

Define detailed future process flows, responsibilities, rules, and metrics

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Human workflow

Create efficient forms of engagement for all people involved in a process

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Automation development

Create and test automation in support of efficient case processing

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Deploy new case management automation with minimal disruption

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Process management

Record performance, identify bottlenecks, optimize workloads, manage exceptions

Case Management supports document-intensive workflows

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Reduce time-to-resolve

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Digitize paper-based work

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Streamline case workflow

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Ensure control and transparency

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Increase team productivity

Customer Success

Lithe’s experience in development and delivery of case management solutions helps our customers deliver successful digital transformation.

Share your challenges and goals with us and allow our experts to help you automate effectively.

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Case Management

Law firm streamlines case management with AI, RPA and workflow automation

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Client Accounts

Global insurer leader automates client account financial processes


Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a component of a case management solution. It helps gather, distribute, track, and store documents and information needed to resolve a case. Using case IDs, stakeholder names, or other case-specific data, IDP can automate the routing of inbound case documents to secure digital case folders accessible to designated case workers and teams.

Documents are instantly accessible to case team members working in office, at home, or traveling in the community. As a result case workers are better informed about all aspects of the case and can respond more effectively and quickly to stakeholders.

Case management solutions are built to protect documents and data related to the case. They maintain control of documents from receipt to disposal with full document lifecycle management. They also enforce robust access controls, encryption, and audit trails, to safeguard case documents and data effectively and ensure compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and other regulatory requirements.



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