Tungsten (formerly Kofax) AP Agility

Digital transformation for your entire AP process, from invoice data capture to approval and posting for payment.

Intelligent automation for accounts payable processing

Tungsten AP Agility® combines best-of-breed invoice capture automation with easily configurable AP workflows to radically improve efficiency of end-to-end AP processing.

AP Agility goes far beyond basic OCR to capture a range of financial documents from any source, in many commonly scanned file types including several XML formats. Plus, it includes out-of-the-box approval workflows based on best practice and pre-built ERP AP integrations.

Tungsten AP Agility Benefits

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Increase straight-through processing with AI

  • Leverage the power of AI to automate the recognition, identification and extraction of text and financial data from more channels and content types than any other AP automation solution
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Support multichannel financial document processing

  • Process financial documents received from any delivery channel, including those submitted electronically. Support your suppliers’ transition from physical to digital to e-invoicing.
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Remove manual work

  • Remove error-prone, manual data entry or rekeying. Achieve new efficiency, speed, and control in your AP processing. Reallocate people to higher value tasks

Tungsten AP Agility Features

Multichannel document capture

  • Digitize any financial document from any source: paper, branch scans, portal uploads, email attachments. Automatically classify documents by type and extract key financial information for invoice and AP processing.

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Multichannel document capture

Secure and flexible AP workflows

  • Employ protected, dynamic, and customizable workflows to manage exceptions, approvals and other points of collaboration within the accounts payable process. Gain new transparency into AP processing and support more active financial management.

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Secure and flexible AP workflows

Integrate to any system or ERP

  • Simplify your end-to-end financial systems with pre-built integrations and frameworks for fast and easy integration to any ERP platform. Automate end-to-end financial processes through smart and dynamic integration.

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Integrate to any system or ERP

Tungsten Intelligent Automation

Tungsten TotalAgility

Intelligent process automation to orchestrate digital workflows in enterprise operations.


Automate labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding.


Effortlessly capture, classify, and extract critical data from documents while enhancing productivity.


Tungsten AP Agility is an advanced accounts payable automation solution designed to streamline and optimize accounts payable processes in organizations.

Yes, Tungsten AP Agility is proficient in processing invoices in various formats and languages, thanks to its advanced data capture and recognition capabilities. This adaptability ensures that invoices from diverse sources can be efficiently managed and processed.

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