Lithe Recognised in Top 50 Hyperautomation Service Providers by Leading Analyst


“Gartner have it right – clients need solutions that weave multiple technologies successfully together. Lithe delivers tangible hyperautomation benefits quickly to our clients by uniquely combining expertise in content ingestion, RPA, workflow automation and cloud technologies.”

Anthony Murphy, CEO – Lithe

Demand for content ingestion solutions from consulting and SI providers exceeds predicted RPA demand services in 2021

In its recent analysis, “Competitive Landscape: Hyperautomation Service Providers”, Gartner polled the leading providers of automation to discover the trends shaping the next wave of digital transformation. Acknowledging Lithe as one of the top 50 market participants, Gartner included Lithe in its survey. Key findings and trends stand out as important for the year ahead:

  • 2021 priorities: The most in-demand services reported by Gartner are content ingestion and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Lithe’s own analysis confirms that market demand for a combination RPA and content ingestion is strong in 2020 and 2021.

  • Content ingestion: The majority of business processes require processing of “content”, such as information from a document (e.g. a proof of address or identity) or an image (e.g. a photograph of a storm-damaged home).  Sometimes called intelligent document processing, content ingestion technology automates the step-by-step processing of content that otherwise requires human intervention. For example, a lender approving a loan can now fully automate the receiving and reviewing of a utility bill, the comparing of postal address to information supplied on a new loan application form, and the confirming that the utility bill is an acceptable proof of address – content ingestion technology does this all faster, without human error and in an auditable way.

  • RPA-led automation is morphing into hyperautomation: RPA has delivered success quickly. Clients want to replicate that same pattern of quick wins and easy roll-out as they expand their RPA initiatives to encompass content ingestion, analytics, process mining and more.
  • Methodology and skill set are #1: When selecting a partner in their digital transformation initiative, the most important factor in that selection is the credibility of the partner and the effectiveness of their approach to delivery.

Why Lithe?

In a highly competitive market, clients choose Lithe because our experience, expertise, approach and innovation give confidence of success. Our real-world experience implementing a combination of RPA, intelligent document processing and workflow automation enables us to deliver the latest technology innovations on our client’s behalf. 

About Lithe

Lithe transforms lives with intelligent automation. We transform document-intensive business processes to reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, increase productivity, ensure compliance and improve customer engagement. Lithe products and services help our customers in banking, financial services, insurance, government and other sectors achieve their digital transformation objectives.

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