Case Study

Global insurance leader automates client account financial processes with AI and RPA

Insurance Leader

Global insurance leader provides multi-segment brokerage and client advisory services.


of millions of cash allocated 100% accurately to client accounts


reduction in human effort


vs hours to complete cash assignment

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically interpret incoming bank account statements this insurance leader automated client account financial processes to save time, cut costs and serve clients better. Employing robotic process automation (RPA) and workflow automation, intervention by human teams in multiple countries and functions was radically reduced, saving time and money. By automatically applying business rules and policies, $100’s of millions are applied 100% accurately to client accounts.


  • Increase accuracy of complex client financial reconciliation processes
  • Cut time and effort from people-and document-intensive client account maintenance
  • Create a self-learning process that evolves as business needs change


  • AI interprets multi-account, multi-transaction bank statements without human intervention
  • RPA and workflow automation replace manual data keying and client financial account processing
  • AI continually learns and executes correct client relationship managers


  • $100’s of millions allocated 100% accurately to client accounts
  • 90% + reduction in human effort across multiple teams
  • Minutes vs hours to complete cash assignment

Business Drivers

  • Compliance
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Efficiency

This insurance leader implemented RPA and AI to replace a slow, document-intensive, error-prone process with an automated and continuously improving one.

AI ensures accurate intake and interpretation of bank statements and accurate reconciliation against client accounts. RPA and workflow automation complete financial reconciliation processes in minutes rather than hours, reliably complying to Company business rules and policy while removing 90%+ of human intervention. AI’s ability to continuously learn means the solution automatically evolves as new clients, new banking partners, new Client Relationship Manager schedules, and new financial reconciliation requirements emerge.

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