Case Study

Multi-line Insurer automates document workflow in claims processing

Multi-line Insurer

Operating in multiple countries this Multi-line Insurer processes high volumes of personal, business, and public sector insurance claims.


claims agents supported


types of claim document handled


digital claim document processing

This Multi-line Insurer switched to digital claims services to support customers more seamlessly through the claims process. Gathering documents across multiple ingestion channels and routing them to the correct claims agent or team automatically, the insurer resolves claims faster, reduces time-to-settle and cuts the cost of previously paper-based flows in the claims process. By gathering together all documents related to a claim in a single detail ‘case’ folder, the insurer enables its claims team to make better decisions in compliance with policy and regulation.


  • Reduce time-to-settle
  • Digitize complex claims processes
  • Ensure information security


  • Claims agents receive & process documents digitally
  • SLAs support faster claims processing
  • Quickly deployed cloud solution brought fast return on investment


  • Shorter time-to-settle in document-intensive claims
  • Increased productivity of insurance claims agents
  • Case management improves claims process automation

Business Drivers

  • Productivity
  • Speed
  • Compliance
  • Digitization

The variety of claim types and the wide range of documents needed in support of those claims presented a challenge to the digital transformation plans of this Multi-line Insurer. Increasing the productivity of claims handlers was an important objective and reducing the time-to-settle was important for customer satisfaction.

The solution also required secure handling of business and personal sensitive information received from customers, to ensure compliance to information security requirements. Digital document workflow and processing was recognized as an essential response to these business needs.

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