Case Study

Multinational Bottler removes paper to transform logistics efficiency

Multinational Bottler

One of the world’s largest independent bottlers serving over 50 leading brands.


types of documents in digital workflows


documents processed per year


cloud-based solution

This leading bottler operating across more than 20 markets, uses Lithe Digital Documents in the cloud to digitally transform the previously slow, error-prone and wasteful paper-based flows in its business. Proofs of delivery, invoices, and other documents are now processed in digital workflows to save time, cost and resources.


  • Remove paper flows
  • Meet ESG goals
  • Accelerate business processing


  • Documents flow in digital format
  • Cloud solution supports distributed teams


  • Fast, efficient business processing
  • All documents move digitally
  • No ‘paperwork’ is lost

Business Drivers

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Digitization
  • Transparency

Paper-intensive, error-prone processes wasted time and increased cost at this logistics and distribution leader. For speed and efficiency, the company switched to digital document workflow and processing.

By digitizing documents as soon as possible in the supply chain, the company can now securely share those documents quickly across all teams who need them. Supply chain transparency improves and paperwork no longer delays progress.

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