Lithe – new name, new logo

13 December 2019

“We want a brand that reflects the business we’ve grown into but without losing the core foundations and principles upon which we started.”

Lithe Chief Commercial Officer – Brendan McNabb

So, why the rebrand?

Over the past few years, our focus has steadily sharpened as we have further honed our knowledge and experience in the Intelligent Transformation space. This has involved the continual skilling of our teams in the underlying technologies which make up the IA software market, developing our own IA products and solutions and crucially in using our experience and expertise to advise and guide our customers on how best to leverage the optimum combination of RPA, Process Orchestration, Cognitive Capture etc. to address their most complex of business challenges.

As we have grown throughout this journey we felt that it was important to consider our brand and messaging to ensure this is in step with our corporate identity! We want a brand that reflects the business we’ve grown into but without losing the core foundations and principles upon which we started. We gave our design team this brief, and they produced the following:

Our New Logo

Lithe means supple, nimble and flexible… just some of the characteristics we espouse in the solutions and services we bring to our wonderful customers. In our early years, we adopted the ‘IT’ tag as we regularly delivered solutions to customers which covered many aspects of the customer’s technical landscape… we will continue with a nod to this in our new company strapline of ‘Intelligent Transformation’, as this represents the Transformation of our customers’ processes and business through the application of Intelligent Automation.

We have chosen a circular based logo as it embodies much of what we do as a business. A circle represents positive emotions, with no beginning or end, suggesting free movement, endurance and unity.

Unity is particularly pertinent to us at Lithe given the range of our offerings (Products & Solutions, ProServices, Support), the various industries we operate in, the range of partners and customers we work with and the different but complementary technologies that we use. Not to mention that the wheel was one of the earliest and most significant developments in machine automation!

Over the next few months, you’ll see some other snippets around Lithe aligning with this new direction: on our website, in advertising, and even with our products and services. It’s still us… we’re still Lithe… but hopefully, a more vibrant and consistent brand and set of messaging which we hope is more instantly recognizable.

So, there we have it; a new name and a fresh new logo… a truer reflection of who we are and what we are all about here at Lithe.

Let us know what you think!

We’d love to hear what you think of the new logo and brand and if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear from us, feel free to contact us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email

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