• Increase processing capacity without expansion of human workforce

  • Ensure accuracy and compliance in a regulated industry

  • Automate detailed, high volume borrower/lender interactions


  • RPA automates formerly manual mortgage offers and redemptions, across multiple lenders

  • AI-based document automation interprets mortgage offers and redemption statements without human intervention

  • Case management drives workflow to achieve performance targets


  • 100% of borrower redemption requests made automatically

  • ~90% of lender redemption statements processed without human intervention

  • Automation of compliance to regulatory requirements

Business Drivers

Optima Legal implemented robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-based document automation to increase processing capacity while ensuring accuracy and compliance in the highly regulated mortgage industry. While freeing its human workforce from repetitive, low-value work, Optima increased the speed and reliability of processing, removing the potential for error in processes involving 1’000s of borrowers, lawyers and ~30 lenders. The automation of its processing enables Optima to confidently scale its business.

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